Recruitment Churn: the right recruitment partner

recruitment churn

What makes the best recruitment partner?

Today, helping organisations avoid recruitment churn is on our minds. Over the past months I have seen lots of great people and colleagues lose their jobs, and many businesses forced to close. Like many, I have been affected by the misfortunes caused by Covid-19 – now, I find myself in a position to try and help job seekers and businesses reorganise by providing cost effective and flexible terms for talent acquisition. That means helping them make the right hires in the first place –  and avoiding the dreaded recruitment churn.

In my previous organisation, I was responsible for Group Operations, and my team sourced candidates both in-house and externally using several agencies – with varying degrees of success. We had low employee churn at a few of the sites in most key management positions. However, we experienced a relatively rapid turnover at others. It prompted the question – how do we reduce recruitment churn and keep our best people in position?

Recruitment success – what did I learn?

Despite a healthy recruitment budget, we often opted to save the cash and recruit internally. Over time this proved labour-intensive, frustrating and on multiple occasions the incoming employee didn’t remain with the company for long.

The time element was key for me – sifting through 100s of CVs and applications hindered me from coaching and developing my teams and driving revenue channels. Yes, we may have saved £2-3k on recruitment fees for each new hire, but this was negligible compared to the cost of appointment and subsequent training, only to find the new employee wasn’t a match for the culture of the company and did not last, or that our recruitment process was not robust enough to find the best possible candidates in the market-place.

We went out to market and partnered with several agencies, again with varying degrees of success. Some sent volumes of unqualified CVs, some sent few, and some sent none! I built good relationships with a couple of great agencies. We did in fact save money in the medium to long term because candidates were better sourced and qualified, so recurring fees and recurring training costs were reduced.

That said, over the years a number of great General Managers left in a short space of time because they were not aware of, or prepared for, the environment in which we operated or the company culture – neither of which were necessarily negative – they just weren’t right for everybody.

How to reduce recruitment churn

We have one mission – To collaborate with employees and job seekers to achieve success.

Collaboration is key – by ensuring that the candidates are the right match for the job description and person specification, and that they also understand the culture and environment of an organisation they are more likely achieve success faster. By understanding working conditions at the outset we find there is a greater longevity of service. This ensures success and happiness for all – as well as minimising cost and time, and allowing greater focus for coaching, development and driving revenue.

Here at GLB Recruitment, this collaboration is what we do best, and our passion is what makes us successful – ask our current clients!

We offer a variety of market leading rates, flexibility on payment terms and a healthy rebate system should it be required, giving you security and a flexible cost-effective solution to recruitment that we will tailor to your individual business – we do not believe that one size fits all.

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Recruitment Churn: the right recruitment partner