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What’s your ‘something special’?

GLB Recruitment work with top level candidates who stand out from a crowd and have achieved success in their field of work. We work on a collaborative basis between candidate and employer to ensure that experience, person specification, expectation and culture match both parties to ensure long-term success and happiness.

We would love to talk with you and help you pinpoint the right career move, so please send us your CV, call us or email via our contact form.

Gareth Bullock MA

Gareth is the founding Director of GLB Recruitment and leads the daily operation of the business. He gained an MA while working full time in the leisure industry and juggling two young sons – he’s good at getting things done!

He has extensive experience within the Leisure sector, having held several high-level roles to Group Operations level. He has experience working at board level and has led recruitment for a number of organisations which is why he has decided to ‘go it alone’ and use the knowledge gained, both from positive and not-so-positive experiences. His ultimate goal – to help candidates and employers make the perfect career match to achieve success.

Gareth is passionate about career development and succession planning and has developed operating procedures, training packages and management tools for a number of clients.

In his free time, Gareth is either playing golf or enjoying family time with his 2 boys.

Gareth’s positive testimonials from organisations he’s worked with come from a range of sectors – he looks forward to talking to you if you’re keen to learn how he can help you with your recruitment needs.